Most people recognise that the twenty first century organisation depends on cross disciplinary collaboration, continuous innovation, knowledge sharing and teaming as opposed to just ‘teamwork’.


To succeed in a changing and competitive global economy, organisations and their leadership teams must also be able to be flexible in their approach yet have clear ambition, agreed behaviours and a collective agreement of the goals and the brand of the business and team.


To excel in a complex and uncertain business environment, people need to both achieve and learn together.

They require clarity and connection.


Gram Consulting Group works with both individuals and teams to determine the way to be highly effective
via the following services.

Team Development

Teaming is a way of working together that brings people together to generate new ideas and to solve problems.

Career Coaching

The Fast Track Podcast

Where we open the door to  Australia's business leaders and hear directly how you can be better at what you do to fast track your career.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching enables positive and pragmatic changes to behaviour and

capability to accelerate the performance and engagement of participants.

Leadership Development

Creating strong & capable leaders to inspire and positively impact an organisation.


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