Relationship Centric

Deeply Practical

Solutions Focused

Creatively Driven 

We have been developing and enabling teams, individuals and organisations for increased performance and wellbeing since 2003.


Our purpose is creating purposeful positive change.


We focus on building the relationships that enable leadership to thrive.

Gram Consulting Group is a team of highly experienced facilitators, speakers, academics, executive coaches, actors and thought leaders combining our talents and wealth of experience to create the right outcomes for clients. 

We set individuals, teams and organisations up for success.  

We are an independent coaching and facilitation community that works with Australia’s top ASX listed companies and international organisations. We are relationship centric, solutions focused, creatively driven and deeply practical. For over 16 years we have been working with leaders, teams, and organisations. We have a team of over 15 associates and specialists across Australia and New Zealand, from academics and thought leaders to executive coaches and facilitators.

We are passionate about bringing the best out in people and optimising potential through outstanding development opportunities. 

A highly customised approach and a deep understanding of the needs and desired outcomes of our clients is our starting point. Our end point is always engaging, collaborative, creative, interactive and relevant experiences. 

We help create meaningful and relevant change and insights for individuals, teams and organisations. We focus on culture, relationships, values, mindset, attitudes, behaviours, skills, frameworks and systems. 

How we do it 


Team days

Off sites


Executive Coaching

Leadership Development Programs

Team Development Programs

Keynote Address

Conference Moderation

Panel Moderation


Think Tanks

Focus groups and reports

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