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 Providing executive coaching, team development and leadership programs internationally. 



Executive Coaching enables positive and pragmatic changes to behaviour and

capability to accelerate the performance and engagement of participants.


Coaching has long been a powerful force for transformation in people’s lives.

Gram Consulting Group uses evidence based and solution focused coaching and tools from a variety of sources including the latest scientific research and academic studies on human behaviour, work place culture and performance. The use of self-evaluation and other feedback tools may be utilised if required.


Coaching is a goal focused, action based collaboration that assists the coachee to identify their full potential. This is achieved through an adult learning framework in an open environment that aims to encourage solutions and growth.

Executive coaching sessions are aimed at enhancing workplace performance, leadership and engagement.


Therefore, coaching sessions usually focus on issues related to the workplace, but not to the exclusion of the many inter-personal and intra-personal factors that may impact on work performance.


It is frequently necessary for the coach and coachee to discuss issues that may be seen as personal. These issues may include the beliefs and feelings that the coachee holds about themselves and the world, and how these factors impact on their performance at work.

Outcomes of Executive Coaching


From our experience, typical outcomes for executives who commit to Executive Coaching include the following:


  • Improved leadership skills

  • The ability to think strategically in terms of outcomes and capability to deliver those outcomes

  • The ability to maximise goal setting skills to prioritise and manage time more effectively

  • Improved delegation skills

  • Increased knowledge and insights into themselves and their organisation which allows them to become more flexible and versatile

Gram’s executive coaching was invaluable as I first navigated the waters of leading a large team. They were incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me see things from a different perspective and acted as a fantastic spring-board for solutions.