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 Providing executive coaching, team development and leadership programs internationally. 



Learn and grow with Gram Consulting Group experts in leadership


Organisations need strong and capable leaders to fulfil their ambitions. Effective development of leaders leads to greater discretionary effort and increased performance and wellbeing.

Our leadership development programs are proven to inspire and positively impact the organisation whilst at the same time offering personal and professional success for the attendees. Our programs cover specifically relevant topics that are able to recognise and acknowledge the essence of each individual’s professional and personal development.

Our programs are designed for maximum learning uptake.

The experience is highly interactive utilising a mix of directed discussion, education, reflection, group and pair activity, guest speakers and pre & post work. By combining Executive Coaching with these programs we enable participants the opportunity to work through personal goals and challenges as well as create alignment with the programs objectives and content.

Optional group networking events at the end of the programs allows for participants to share their achievements and learning with the group and their leaders.

There was a really strong connection between learnings - other courses I have done throw a lot of theory at you but don't show you how it all fits together. It was also much more personalised, other programs have been quite generic.