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  • Margie Hartley

Practical Tips for Focusing on the Right Work

Is this you?

You turn up on Monday morning, grab yourself a coffee then launch head long into a series of meetings.

Then - before you know it - IT'S WEDNESDAY! The 'To Do' list morphs into a myriad of activities that arise from those meetings and your anxiety increases as the work you wanted to do - the RIGHT WORK - falls further and further away.....

Taking control can be as simple as forming the habit of these two reflective activities:

Friday - 3:00pm

For 20 mins reflect on the week that has been:

  • What have I achieved in my work relationships and the results I wanted?

  • What have I learned from my work relationships and the results I achieved?

  • What did I provide that was useful to my work relationships?

Now focus on the week ahead:

  • What do I need to focus on to achieve the results I need?

  • What do I need to focus on to empower the relationships that I have?

This simple focus exercise can then be shared with the whole team coming together for a stand up huddle - and allows alignment of thinking and preparation for the week ahead.

Monday - 9:00am

Begin the week with a review of Friday's list. Pay focused attention to what is important and identify the potential 'de-railers' before being caught up in the busyness of the work-week.

Do you have any ideas - what works for you? It is usually the simplest things that have the biggest impact.

Share your tips and results below in the comments!