• Margie Hartley

Choose One Word....

Welcome to Thursday Thought Starters for 2017.

Years ago one of my favourite people and one of Australia’s best facilitator’s and Executive Coaches, Andi Pert (, asked me

“What’s the theme of your year?”

It surprised me. I had goals and a long term vision but what was a theme?

Andi explained that it's our focus for the year. It’s is the underpinning theme that you come back to remind us what’s important. We build our goals from the theme.

Andi asks herself at the end of each week and sometimes each day if she needs to pay attention to this area of focus.

Three years ago Andi focused on Strengths. This covered her health and fitness and playing to those strengths. It covered her emotional wellbeing, her career and her communication. Her specific goals used the theme of strengths to focus her attention of what she needed to do.

Last year my theme was “ A disciplined approach to my goals”.

Positive Psychologist Grethcen Rubin says:

“When we distill our aims into a single word or phrase, it’s easier to remember it — and to take action.”

What’s the theme for your year.…??

Mine is “effortlessness”.

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