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Who Killed the Weekend?

I don't know about you, but over the weekend I often find myself sitting at my computer screen punching out emails or preparing for my upcoming week. If it's not that, I'm running around doing all the domestic duties I didn't have time to do during the week. So when Sunday afternoon comes around and all the chores are done, the week ahead is prepared, I'm ready to have my two days off. I'm ready for the relaxation and down time... but hang on a sec... I think I just missed it? Which is why I could relate so well to Katrina Onstad's beautifully written article in The Guardian titled Who Killed the Weekend... check it out here, or keep reading below for my summary.

In her article Katrina refers to the main killers of our weekend as "activities that leave us wasted and unfulfilled". When you look at the list below, it's not hard to see why:

- kids sport / activities / playdates (basically being a kid-taxi service)

- catching up on household chores (washing, mowing, repairs & maintenance)

- shopping

- catching up on our weekday careers

- engaging in a second career or business

But it's this sentence that got me really thinking: "We get competitive about our busyness... because it makes us look wanted and worthy – supply and demand. It is hard to shake the ingrained value that time must be utilitarian and occupied, which is why taking two days off can seem suspect, or a bit like failure."

Can you believe that as a society that's what we have become? A society where doing nothing feels like a failure?

Now I know this is in complete contrast to my article last week where I talked about "seizing the day" and "making each minute count" but there has to be balance. We can't have dark without light, we can't have happy without sad.. and we can't have productivity without rest and rejuvenation.

So when society has provided us with 2 full scheduled days of rest why aren't we taking advantage of it? Because we'll feel like a failure? Maybe. And if that's true... then lets as a collective change this idea and give ourselves permission to go back to a time where rest was important.

So, what are you doing this weekend? Are you joining me for a weekend of rest and relaxation this weekend? Visit this post on my Facebook page and share with me (in the comments area) photos of your restful weekend.

And I look forward to engaging with you on Monday morning in a rejuvenated, rested state, ready for engaged productivity.

Until next week....

PS - Remember if you'd like to read Katrina's full article published in The Guardian, here is the link.

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