• Nikki Lane

Are you looking back?

I've been the business manager for Gram Consulting for two months now... I've made it through the "learning phase", have moved through the "day to day management" phase and I'm now into the "what's next" phase. How can we make this business better? What new things can we bring to the clients to make not only their experience with us better but what are some other ways that we can serve and help them to really shine and excel in their roles?

In actual fact... Margie and I are spending the day locked away tomorrow to do just that... plan out what Gram is going to offer you over the next 10 years. Stay tuned... it's going to be exciting!!!

But, here's what brings me to boycotting Margie's blog today... that in all the excitement of moving forward, of looking to the future and at what's still to do and strive for, we often forget to look back on where we have come from, what we have actually achieved.

And Margie is no different. If you've had the privilege of working with her you'll know how amazing she is. Each time she facilitates we receive emails like this one: "I loved the agility, the flex, the warm style, steely resolve (with nudge) – you have won over the team and I have no doubt we are about to go on a journey together. It’s exciting – well done and many thanks."

But she forgets to look back at how far she has come. At how many 100's of people she has helped to be happy in their careers. At how many teams are functioning harmoniously because of her. That she has built this amazing business all by herself as a single mother with three children.

And sometimes it just takes someone to remind you how great you are. To invite you to stop for a moment, to look back, to reflect, to absorb how far you have come, and most importantly to celebrate all you have achieved in your career.

So today I invite all of you, not just Margie, but YOU the reader of this blog... to just stop for 5 minutes and make a list of all you have achieved. They don't have to be big amazing things like "I won an award for..." it could simply be "I made a colleague feel happier today".

Write down everything, show yourself how you are making a difference, how you are showing up and achieving each day in your role. Then take another 5 minutes to revel in what you have achieved, how far you have come and celebrate with yourself how great you really are.

10 minutes that's all it will take and I guarantee you will feel amazing afterwards. And if you'd like to, why not share with us below one of your wins so we can help celebrate with you.

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