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How To Really Do What You Say

Most people have a mixed relationship with "goals" during their lifetime. Harvard Business Review estimates that we do what we say we are going to do only 50% of the time. We all know so much can stand in our way. From external factors like just too much to do to internal factors like lack of confidence. Maybe there are just competing priorities. Learning about the best way to set and achieve goals personally and professionally can be helpful. The really transformative learning comes when we understand the barriers to goal attainment and finding methodologies that work for you so you can do what you say! That's why I asked Dr Sean O'Connor to be one of my Fast Track guests as he is a leading coaching psychologist at the University of Sydney who teaches goal attainment and understands the nuances of goals and why they can be sometimes complex to attain.

So if you are resonating with this topic, listen to the podcast here to hear Sean's tips to changing this paradigm.

And remember, whatever you do, make good choices.