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The Fast Track Podcast

Have you ever…

  • Wished you could grab that 15 minutes of advice and inspiration about your career but not sure where to turn?

  • Needed a quick fix to help you focus on YOU and your career?

  • Wished you’d like to get access to those that have done “it” so you can navigate your career faster?

Finding the time to think about your career can be really difficult and we often de-prioritise it. Many of my clients ask me if they can take me with them, kind and impractical as that may be. So as a solution, I’m thrilled to share with you my new weekly Podcast on podcastone and iTunes. It is called Fast Track, Career Conversations with Margie Hartley. Every Tuesday for just 15-20 minutes we address a relevant issue or opportunity for your career. I am joined by experts and leaders who have the experience and the insights. It’s an easy listen on your commute and a stimulus for you to make good career choices. These are real conversations asking and answering real questions. The first four episodes launched on Tuesday.

Have a listen to these and let me know your feedback and if you really like, please subscribe and refer your colleagues.

Suggestions are most welcome for future guests and subjects.

And remember, whatever you do, make good choices.

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