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How to do well by doing good

Is it counter intuitive to go to work and then volunteer? There is a lot of community support and leadership being demonstrated by corporates the world over. A lot of un-sung good that contributes to the wellbeing of society in the form of volunteer days, financial contributions, sponsorships and more. We can be cynical (sometimes with good reason) about the contributions of the good corporate citizen. I like to think about the modern workplace being mostly a place of positive intentions for a meaningful societal contribution. Ethical organisations are now ranked in the USA. Sustainability is measured. Organisations and workplaces are assessed on sites like Glassdoor for their contribution to the not-for-profit sector.

Which begs the question...

  • Should all organisations be good corporate citizens?

  • What is the role of the individual to give back?

  • What is the role of the organisation to contribute?

  • Are businesses that contribute more successful?

  • These questions need to be asked by employees and employers alike.

Extensive studies from John Hopkins and Harvard have proven that giving back improves:

• mental functioning • lowers blood pressure • increases perception of meaningful work • builds and gives perspective

74% of employees say that their job is more fulfilling when they have opportunities to make a difference. While an organisation should be exploring their social licence to operate, at an individual level, the question remains how do we contribute?

So how do we do well by doing good? On Fast Track podcast this week we talk to Shirley Chowdary, CEO of Goodes O’Loughlin Foundation, about the financial and cultural benefits experienced by both organisations and individuals through volunteerism, the gift of time or donation. Listen here.

And remember, whatever you do, make good choices.

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