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How to make a big change in your career

I’m convinced people would be making change more often if they knew how. Often, we suffer from not knowing what we don’t know. We stay in jobs and rob ourselves of new and exciting growth opportunities. The truth is it can be terrifying. Jumping off the cliff and following your passion can often be met with disaster both financial and personal. So the reality is the risks are great and the future unknown. Alternatively, when you get it right the benefits can be life changing. We spend so much of our time at work, that being in a career that we love makes a positive impact on how we live.

Kerry Cusack was once General Manager, Marketing Communications at Vodaphone, she took that leap of faith to change her career and got it right. Kerry is now the owner of Bondi Bather Australia and General Manager of Jets Swimwear.

In the latest episode of Fast Track, Kerry shares her insights and discusses what motivates us to change, why we often don't and how once you have committed to a career change it can be successfully implemented.

Listen to the full episode here.

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