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Should you openly encourage your employees into the job market ?

Everyone talks about trying to retain and engage the best people in their business. Retention is one of the biggest challenges facing business and many organisations invest heavily to retain their best people, desperately trying to get everyone to remain loyal and stay with the business. What if this approach is not always the right way to approach employee retention? What if we actively encouraged our people to look for other jobs and participated in the job market – openly . Ryan Bonnici, Chief Marketing Officer at G2, says encouraging your best high performers to look for other jobs actually helps clarify and refine employees goals in a coaching conversation and that this is a discussion that enhances performance and leadership coaching. In the latest episode of Fast Track, Ryan shares:

  • How he coaches for growth and development at G2

  • The danger of the long term loyal employee

  • What the current job market needs from leaders

  • How do you lead with this philosophy without blowing up your business’s best talent

You can listen to the episode here.

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