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If you can’t do this… you lose

Surveys and research all continue to highlight that both influencing and negotiating skills are essential for career success. If you can’t do them you miss out on so many opportunities.

The Art of Influencing involves so much more than just getting what you want.

Influencing is an Art, it’s a way of interacting and engaging and communicating ideas, aspirations, problems and change.

To do this well we need to be clear about:

1. Our personal style as a strength
 2. Find out what others want and need
 3. Find a way to be relevant and add value
 4. Be generous and reciprocate
 5. Be authentic and have the right mindset

These are just a few of the tips the Jac Phillips, Senior Director & Head of Marketing, Visa NZ & South Pacific, shared with me recently on the Fast Track Career Conversations with Margie Hartley podcast.

Take the time to actively reflect and think about your own career and how important it is to be able to influence others on a daily basis and times where you have succeeded and failed with this skill.

Just like negotiating skills, influencing skills are not just for the sales psychopath. These skills are necessary in life and definitely for a successful career.

Here's the link to the full episode titled "The Art of Influence".