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Tidy your office and other tips

A few things we learnt this week from the Gram team...

  • Position your zoom camera carefully - backgrounds are revealing!

  • Norman Swan (ABC radio health report) is our new crush 

  • Practicing calm is easier when you don’t listen to too many opinions 

  • Fake news looks real

  • Working from home is easier when everyone else is at work

  • It’s okay not to feel okay (anxious) 

  • Podcasts are great 

  • Exercise is essential

  • Supermarkets have potential to make us cray cray

  • There’s opportunity in here somewhere and we are searching for it 

  • We don’t feel marketing makes sense just at the moment 

  • We want to help those in need and will

  • Dogs make meetings happy and if you don’t have a dog, a picture of a panda is good

  • Zoom has a “make up” option (you look better than in real life) and we love it

  • We should have bought shares in zoom

  • As my mother said when Dad retired “I married him but not for lunch”. Learning to live with your family all day everyday is a development opportunity

  • Everyone is now a work from home expert

  • Real colleagues check in authentically

  • It’s not about us ... clients will come back and so will we

  • We are all in this together and reminding ourselves of our purpose and values is worth doing daily.