“Teaming is a way of working together that brings people together to generate new ideas and to solve problems. People need to learn how to be a team as it doesn’t come naturally to most organisations.”

HBR 2017

The objective for each of our team development programs is to create the strategic and relational ingredients for success.


Collaboration is often discussed as a value or objective, yet few groups and teams really understand the art of collaboration or the complex nature of the barriers to true collaboration.

For a team to be effective they need to work on two important components; Clarity and Connection.



Clarity around the teams purpose, ambition, goals and beliefs. Clarity with roles and responsibilities, organisational structure and processes and most importantly the norms of how the team works together.


Some ambiguity will always exist however too often teams mistake their assumptions for ambiguity. Great teams consistently quest for clarity.


With advanced technology, flexible working arrangements, speed of work and geographically dispersed teams, disconnection in teams can occur very quickly.  Connection is so much more than coming together in a meeting environment; it is communication and information sharing. It's collaboration, shared leadership, psychological safety and peer coaching. 


Connection is about having quality conversations that promote optimal individual and team functioning.

Taking Innovation from something that you ‘want to do’ to something you ‘can do right now’. This is how I would describe the session I had with Gram Consulting Group. ...They helped participants realise that the status quo is not an option and helps them see that they have a role in innovating for change.

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