“Now is the time for organisations to be engaging their people in relevant and topical online learning programs, to help establish an atmosphere of trust within teams to help stimulate creativity, collaboration, productivity and innovation.” HBR

Gram Consulting Group, as a leader in the field of team development, provides online learning assistance to organisations to develop their people as leaders and team members. 

Research shows building and strengthening relationships across a team is essential for High Performance and High Engagement. Functional dynamics; clearly communicated intentions and strategies; collective engagement to business strategies; individual and collective commitment; accountability; and open, honest dialogue are all essential for team and individual success.

Just like any of the other relationships we have in our lives we must pay attention to and nurture those relationships beyond the transactional. Creating the time and space to maintain and sustain healthy relationships within a team who work together is essential to high performance.

We have developed range of virtual learning initiatives to enhance teams in three important areas:


Flourishing Together in Isolation

A super punchy and helpful webinar illustrating our COVID-19 roadmap to help leaders maintain their team's wellbeing and performance during isolation.

Flourishing Together


Leading Self

Before we can lead others’ we need to be able to lead ourselves. Through awareness we have a choice about how we manage our mindset, our thinking, our beliefs and how we show up.

Self Discovery


Self Knowledge through Strengths

Self Care


Self Knowledge: Strengths, Brand & Presence

Self Discipline


Coach Yourself at Work


Leading Others

We lead everyone not just our direct reports. Leadership is about helping others think and enabling their performance. We stretch the thinking about who we lead and how we impact and grow those around us.​

Developing Others


Social Intelligence & Connected Relationships


Authentic Leadership


Leading with Heart: Empathy, Compassion & Curiosity


My Character & Style


Systems & Network Thinking in Times of Change


If you are looking to find a way for you and your team to flourish in our "new normal" then I highly recommend Gram's Flourishing in Isolation webinar. As expected, Margie brings clear, calm, consistent and actionable thinking and frameworks to how we and our teams can flourish together in isolation. Well worth the time and investment.” VISA

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