Is your team comfortable with uncomfortable conversations?

Overnice, avoidant teams can be pleasant to be around, however it is inevitable that something will eventually come unstuck.

Look for the signs, such as:

  • Information isn’t exchanged or shared
  • Feedback is avoided
  • Bad news is avoided
  • Good news is over indexed
  • Destructive behaviours cross boundaries.

These behaviours can seemingly emerge over time without any deliberate intention to create them and without anyone really noticing, until it becomes a culture (one that sneaks up on us).

Everyone is being nice, but are they being effective?

Being deliberate about the team behaviour and the culture you want is essential to success. Being comfortable with uncomfortable conversations is an important part of being an effective team. It’s important to remember:

  • collaborative doesn’t mean agreeing all the time
  • uncomfortable conversations are quality conversations
  • learning to have the conversations that make us uncomfortable is an art

Most of us don’t know how to have the conversations we avoid. Our lack of skill and our fear help us stay nice.

If you feel you are in a team that is avoiding the uncomfortable conversations, we recommend:

  • Learn how to have them… with great frameworks and expert help
  • Commit to actually doing it
  • Practice ……as a team
  • Develop the right environment
  • Understand WHY this is a game changer in leadership and teams

Gram Consulting Group will help your team have the conversations you need to have through outstanding facilitation and we will teach you the frameworks to sustain great leadership practice of being able to have the uncomfortable conversation.