Superwomen We Ain’t

Generous people are sometimes hard to find in business. Generous conversationalists and people who share and offer real advice are often rarer.

Janine Allis is one of those generous humans that is both incredibly successful in business and very real. I have had the pleasure and privilege of partnering with Janine on a PodcastOne series called “Ain’t No Superwomen“.

We got together in the studio at Austereo and laughed and discussed and challenged all the ideas that come our way. We created 9 episodes that can be downloaded via the web or iTunes.

We cover the following topics:

  • Episode One: Starting off – jumping off the entrepreneurial cliff
  • Episode Two: Getting it wrong, may actually be right.
  • Episode Three: Your greatest asset is YOU
  • Episode Four: Life balance – a myth?
  • Episode Five: Innovate of you’re screwed
  • Episode Six: The smartest thing you can do
  • Episode Seven: Leadership: getting the extraordinary out of the ordinary
  • Episode Eight: Culture… and we don’t mean yogurt
  • Bonus Episode: A message

We share real stuff. Because as I like to say “Life is NOT an instagram post” and telling the truth is what we love to do.