What are the top two skills for the future of work?

There are two things I am ‘not uncertain’ about ……

Firstly that current and future technology will transform the way we work and secondly that sense making and social intelligence will be essential skills for this transformation.

It could be that these skills will be the ultimate competitive advantage in a world of automation.

Sense making is about the ability to determine deeper meaning – higher level thinking that can’t be codified. We might call them insights, observations and critical decision making.

Social intelligence is the ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way. It’s about relationships, interaction, collaboration in diverse environments.

The great skill will be to balance the new technologies and our sense making, social intelligence, adaptive thinking and critical decision making.

Balance… not over indexing on one at the expense of another… the balance of human relationships and technology.

It’s not rocket science… but it will require our attention. For a full report, see the work done by the Institute for the Future with Apollo Group looking at the Skills Needed by 2020.