Will I be Better or Bitter?

We hear a lot about the need for resilience in our changing world… but what does resilience mean? Resilience is the ability to thrive despite adversity rather than just survive. In his book “The Resiliency Advantage”, Al Siebert lists 8 key factors effecting our resiliency:

  1. When hit by life disrupting change you will never be the same again. You will emerge stronger or weaker either better or bitter. YOU have the ability to determine which way it will be for you.
  2. Your mind and your habits will create barriers or bridges to a better future
  3. Blaming others for how bad things are for you keeps you in a non-resilient victim state in which you do not take resilient actions
  4. Life isn’t fair and that can be good for you. Resiliency is about taking personal responsibility for overcoming adversity
  5. Your unique strengths develop in the school of life
  6. Self-knowledge enhances your resilience. Self-knowledge comes from self-observation, experimentation and feedback receptivity
  7. Choice – an internal choice – conscious choice allows for independence and control
  8. Resilience is self-perpetuating. The more we practice it the more we handle disruptive change ad adversity faster and faster and more adeptly.

One of the pathways to increased resilience is through self understanding and self regulation through the lens of character strengths. The ability to recognise and be aware of your character strengths provides you with the right tools to manage yourself and allow you to be at your best even when times are tough.

Gram Consulting run a 3 hour Strengths Workshop in which team members discover their top 5 strengths. We then show them how to create a language around being at their personal best, as well as having the self-management and self-understanding to be able to unlock this. The outcomes for the team are:

  • Better understanding of self and others
  • Increased team cohesiveness
  • Stronger conversational tools
  • A common language to discuss team and individual feedback

If you’d be interested in holding one of these workshops so you and your team can commence 2019 in the most productive way possible, please contact us.

Here’s what some of our attendees have said about the workshop:

“Thank you for the workshop with Margie today! I have come from the session feeling really positive, with a little spring in my step. Truly an amazing lady!”

“The thing I loved the most about the workshop today was gaining the insight into my strengths and the idea of being able to use them to increase my resilience and wellbeing.”

We all have a choice to be better or bitter. Which will you choose?