Do I Need an Executive Coach?

The current best seller and highly acclaimed book “Lost Connections” by Johann Hari actually sees the route of social depression and anxiety as a lack of connectedness to meaningful values and work, and lack of attention to meaningful relationships and connections.

Work is one of the few places we now connect regularly with others face to face and it is the place we spend most of our time. It is the place we have the opportunity to find meaningful work and relationships.

At Gram we know and believe that the sign of a functioning team is their connectedness to each other and the meaning of their work and the values they share. That’s why we created the Clarity Connection framework to help teams to understand the simple fundamentals required for success.

Connection is more than knowing someone. Connection allows us to explore different perspectives and to have compassion and empathy. It builds trust and self awareness as we interact with others. These skills are recently researched as the key components for virtual teams to succeed.

We can blame our devices and technology and being busy and globalisation… however anyone who lives ‘an accountable life’ will know that it requires consistent discipline to counter the forces that pull us towards disconnection.

It requires our awareness and then to choose.

Make good choices… By deliberately building connections for your own and others psychological wellbeing and effectiveness at work.

This Fast Track podcast episode is with Mark Whiteley, Group Head of Organisational Development, Woolworths Group. We talked about… what an executive coach does, who uses them, why, how you get one and if it’s worth it. It’s a great interview and very worth listening to.