Are you Board ready?

When asked about their long term career plans, so many executives say “I would like to sit on some Boards”.

When I ask why, which ones and what they think happens at a Board meeting, at least 60% of those will answer…

• I can work reduced hours and have a stable income • Any Board is fine as long as it’s a good one • I’ve reported to a Board, so I know what they do

My question then is … “Do you really know the realities of being on a Board are and are you Board ready?

Elizabeth Proust AO, is one of Australia’s leading business figures, Chairperson of Nestle Australia, Chairperson of The Bank of Melbourne, Non-executive Director of Lend Lease and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, so she knows a LOT about being on a Board.

I was lucky enough to interview Elizabeth for the latest episode of the Fast Track Podcast where she shares her knowledge about the intricacies of Board life and what we need to do to even be considered as a candidate.

Financial acumen, corporate knowledge and experience as well as good relationships are just a few of the tips she passes on.