Awareness gives us a choice


Predictor of success

Your impact on others

How to adapt and change

In my opinion a disturbing dissonance is currently present for many of us.

On the one hand we all seem to recognise the importance of self-awareness and it’s essential part in navigating a successful life yet we are over-scheduled and busy, as a result we have less time, less stillness and less opportunities to learn, practice and build this skill of self awareness.

What do we prioritise???

Do we focus on how we can be a better version of ourselves or do we focus on getting ‘stuff’ done? We shouldn’t have to or need to choose between these self awareness practices and getting things done, however many people feel they ultimately de-prioritise their self awareness (just like de-prioritising their wellbeing) because they are too busy. These elements are not mutually exclusive. They are both equally important AND they can both be achieved if we want to. “The greatest barrier to development is lack of commitment to the practice of development.”

In my mind, making the time to learn, developing reflection practices, creating the required rituals and accepting that we are all a work in progress (and not perfectly formed) is a vital life skill and should be professionally mandated. “Even though most people believe they are self-aware, only 10-15% of the people we studied actually fit the criteria.” HBR 2018

We are ALL a work in progress. Self awareness, self management, the ability to adapt and positively impact others are more than a one-time course, they are ongoing disciplines that can be confronting, joyful, enlightening and transformative. I am prone to repeating the following phrase often in workshops, in coaching and when speaking… “Awareness gives us a choice” To explore this topic deeply is both fascinating and complex… and that’s exactly what Susan Ferrier, Chief People Officer, National Australia Bank and I did recently on the Fast Track Podcast.

With a topic this vast we ended up recording three episodes:

1. Self awareness as the predictor of success
2. Self awareness: your impact on others
3. Self awareness: how to adapt and change